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Digital commerce through platforms continues to grow at 2-digit levels, so it is essential for companies to have their own digital channel within their digital transformation strategy. Offering to create personalized offers for new and existing customers.
Don’t limit your presence to the physical channel. This means that you can sell to one or a thousand people at the same time.
Market your products or services online.
Decrease inventory by connecting suppliers with buyers, there is no inventory to store and manage, reducing inventory turnover.
Increase profits: Reduce costs and increase sales generating higher operating profit margins.
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Unmatched Collaboration Platform
for the Field Service.

VSight Remote is a complete collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform that allows remote field technicians and experts to connect with each other and collaborate on maintenance, repair, operations (MRO) via live video, audio powered by Augmented Reality.

Remote Collaboration

Do your operations instantly, remotely.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Do remote inspections frequently without travel, get quick assistance to avoid long downtime periods.
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