< What is a PIM? >
Product Information

It’s a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, create a product catalog, and distribute it to your sales and e-commerce channels.

Consistent Product Data

The aspiration of any data management strategy is to provide multiple channels, target groups and applications with product data from a central source.

Removal of data silos

The dispersion of product data is scattered in different silos leads to deficiencies in quantity and quality of product data.

Acceleration of digitalization

Managing and consolidating product data ensures data delivery and process acceleration.

Qualification Multichannel

Providing data to multiple channels (online / offline) and target groups enables an efficient and effective presence within a multichannel market.

Quality of data

Consolidation and aggregation of product information leads to better workflows and high data quality. Basically: A single publication source.
< Who needs a PIM? >
Business Companies
< Benefits >
Reduce errors and redundancies
by relying on a single source of truth
Eliminate data capture and updates on different sites.
Expand the product offering in a sustainable way.
Reduces overhead and waste of resources.
Create rich and consistent content, optimized for your sales channels.
Eliminate bottlenecks and data silos.
Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Sell more with better content and accessible data.
Import and order your provider data quickly.
< How does it work? >
Integration and Operational Flow

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