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The most advanced
remote assistance platform

Remote assistance of experts through a video conference platform that favors the immediate review of problems that may arise in the operation of some equipment and that quickly allow the generation of a diagnosis and possibly the resolution of the fault, reducing time, saving resources and minimizing the impact for the business.

VSight Remote enables experts to guide technicians by drawing and placing augmented reality instructions directly within the technician’s field of vision.

Identify Problem

Faster and easier error identification.

Save costs and expenses

Reduce downtime during the manufacturing process.

Quick Assist

Shorten support response times.
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Unmatched Collaboration Platform
for the Field Service!

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Improved utilization of high quality expert.


More productive workforce.


Improved assembly line process for factories.

< Benefits >
Speeds up the maintenance, repair, and inspection processes of companies and eliminates travel and accommodation costs expenditures on expert’s arrival to the working area.
Connect instantly to the right expert and information.
Improve communication with AR annotations.
Eliminate travel costs.
Extend this service to your customers.
Reduce down-time, get real-time expert assistance in minutes.
Build knowledge base with incident management
< Use cases>
Know more about how
customers are using VSight Remote

Many industries, different needs to solve, read more about how customers around the world are using VSight Remote to extend the knowledge of experts for Diagnostics, Quality and Assistance to fix problems immediately saving money and time.


Remote Collaboration and Assistance for Monitoring Assembly Lines for AKYAPAK.
Through the Augmented Reality AKYAPAK technicians can receive virtual instructions for assembling or repairing a machine tool avoiding delays in processes, saving time and money.


Solving Complex Mechanical Problems in ISUZU Remotely and Efficiently with Smart Glasses, Augmented Reality and Streaming Live Video between mechanics and the Contact Center. In addition, file sharing features such 3D Object, PDF or Image sharing allows effective communication among users.