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Quickly create BPMN optimized business flows for your logistics processes

SmartPicking is a solution that aims to increase productivity, reduce errors in ordering and picking, generate savings and incentive employees by reducing their stress level in carrying out any of the basic activities such as:


The process of obtaining the correct quantity of the right products for a set of customer orders. This is the main and most labor-intensive activity in warehouses.


Movement of material from the unloading area to the designated place in the inventory.


Operations that involve the assignment of trucks to the docks, the scheduling and execution of unloading activities.


Execution of packing and loading of trucks after picking, also involving the assignment of trucks to docks.
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Sorting and Picking

Smart Picking can be used to attend any process within a warehouse, reducing the learning curve and improving times in those activities where the use of both hands is required. Whether it is through a projector or an indicator for augmented reality, eliminate costs for product placement and shipping errors.

Build and implement picking workflows
on any Android device quickly

Increase efficiency and quality working with your hands free, say good by to papers or hand scanners, define a workflow, connect to your backend systems and deploy easy to your devices, increasing productivity and quality in the process.

Vuzix M300XL & M400

- Native Camera Scanner module
- Integrated Voice Recognition
- Support to Spanish

Any Android Device

- Tablets (mounted on forklifts)
- Wrist Tablets
- Integrated with Ringscanners or fixed scanners


- Display information on wall/ground for operators
- Integrated with fixed or ring scanners for data entry
- Ideal for sorting operations
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Ideal platform to attend the Reception,
Ordering, Picking and Dispatch processes.

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Flexibility in handling SKUs.
Reduction of costs of forwarding, returns and distribution.
Growth capacity on demand.
Customer satisfaction and retention.
Inventory reliability.
Increase in the quality of order picking.
Productivity increase.
Less staff turnover and less stress.